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New Program Proposal Draft and Supporting Documents


Draft program as of 18 January 2016, 5 pages
                            (a few amendments since 18 January)

FAQs about the proposal

Survey on "Survey Monkey"  (5 February cut-off date)

Letter from the Governor (2014)

Licensing Information on the LARA website

Occupational Code - Public Act 299, Article 21 (1980)

Evening Presentation (PowerPoint)

Open Meetings - Draft Proposal for the New Michigan Registered Forester Program
Two meetings were held, 26 January (Marquette) and 28 January (Gaylord).
A total 41 people attended the live presentation.
Thanks to all who participated. Thanks for the comments.

Note that comments will continue to be taken until 5 February, after which, the planning group will re-convene.
Please be specific when addressing a particular item or clause in the draft program.
The on-line survey will be kept open until noon on 5 February.
At that point, the draft program will be reviewed in light of the comments received and survey results.
Pending direction from the forestry community, the draft will be pushed forward.
Legal advice will be sought.
Bill-writers will be appoached.
Elements relative to DNR and SAF will be inititated

Questions or comments about the documents or the draft program?
Brenda Haskill, MDNR, 906-293-5131 x4053; or
s Bill Cook, MSUE, 906-786-1575 x103;


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