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These pages are intended to provide links to some of the common issues in Michigan, as well as more general and archived information.  Many of these links lead to organizations specializing in forest health topics.

EAB 2016 site map - North America
EAB 2014 documents
   Map - black & white
   Map - color
   Talking Points
   Final Revision

  Specific Problems
  Pests on UP Tree ID Website     Forest Service "FIDL" Directory
  Emerald Ash Borer     Forest Service Pest Alerts
  EAB Silvicultural Guidelines - 2011     DNR Forest Health
  Beech Bark Disease (MSU E2746)     DNR Forest Health Highlights 2002 (3.0 mb PDF)

  BBD Resistant Tree Report Form

    DNR Forest Health Highlights 2003 (3.8 mb PDF)
  Asian Long-horned Beetle (MSU E2693)     DNR Forest Health Highlights 2004 (1.3 mb PDF)
  Gypsy Moth Maps     DNR Forest Health Highlights 2009 (1.8 mb PDF)
  Pine Shoot Beetle     DNR Forest Health Highlights 2010 (2.6 mb PDF)
  Sudden Oak Death     DNR Forest Health Highlights 2011 (2.4 mb PDF)
  Hemlock Wooly Adelgid     DNR Forest Health Highlights 2012 (4.5 mb PDF)
  Balsam Wooly Adelgid     DNR Forest Health Highlights 2013 (13.6 mb PDF)
  Oak Wilt E-3169 (2012)   Report Form     DNR Forest Health Highlights 2014 (13.7 mb PDF)
  Oak Wilt Pest Alert - MDARD & DNR      DNR Forest Health Highlights 2015 (5.9 mb PDF)
  Deer Damage     APHIS
  Eastern Forest Threat Center     Bugwood Network
  Marmorated Stinkbug     Michigan Department of Agriculture
  Thousand Cankers Disease (walnut)   MISIN Michigan Invasive Species Information Network     

Michigan Forest Health Contacts

Deb McCullough (MSU) - 517-355-7445 or
Bob Heyd (DNR-UP) - 906-228-6561 or
Roger Mech (DNR-LP) - 989-275-5151 or

Andrew Storer (MTU) - 906-487-3470 or
MSU Extension Offices - listing

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