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In a continuing effort to provide services to the forestry and natural resource community, this calendar is intended to list meetings from all natural resource disciplines that may have an impact on forest management. If you know of a meeting that should be posted on this calendar, please contact Bill Cook at   Your cooperation in listing meetings will be appreciated!   For more "public" oriented programs, try the Michigan Forest Pathways website.

Last updated 17 October, 2017

Forest Management Advisory Council
to the Michigan DNR

Schedule on the DNR Website, along with notes and other data
Upper Peninsula Citizen's Advisory Councils
to the Michigan DNR

Schedule on the DNR Website, along with notes and other data
State Forest Public Participation DNR Forestry website   Compartment Review Schedule             Open House Schedule SFI SFE 2017 Training Schedule   Click here
Contact: Scott Robbins at
Project Learning Tree Sessions - http:///
Contact: Ada Takacs at
  2017 Dates (all times are eastern standard time unless otherwise posted or the web guy messed-up)
Application Deadline for the Qualified Forest Program
1 September                                                                                   More Information
Application Deadline for the Commercial Forest Program
1 April                                                
More Information
Application Deadline for NRCS Conservation Planning
30 April                                                                                            More Information
Moose Forum! - Wildlife Through Forestry Series
19 October, 6:00-9:00, Ishpeming, River Rock Lanes and Banquet Center             More Information
Gary Willis at or 906-353-6651
Or John Pepin at or or 906- 228-6561
Lake States Fire Consortium Webinars -
19 October, 2:00, Wildlife Implications Across Snag Treatment Types in Jack Pine Stands of Upper Michigan
16 November, 2:00, CanFIRE: Predicting Fire Behavior and Fire Effects

21 December, 2:00, Three LSFSC Intern Project

18 Januaryr, 2:00, Prescribed Fire in Pine Stands, Tree Mortality, and the Response of Insects and Pathogens
15 February, 2:00, Quantification of Understory Fuels in Superior National Forest Using LiDAR Data
15 March, 2:00, Monitoring the Response of Moose to Large Fires in Minnesota
19 April, 2:00, Northeast Wisconsin Northern Dry Forest and Pine Barrens Project
  Forest Management Workshop Two-part Series
27-29 October, Delton, Circle Pines Center                                                                  More Information                                        
10-12 November, Delton, Circle Pines Center
MACD Fall Convention
1-3 November, Bellaire, Shanty Creek Resort                                                              More Information
Michigan Forest Association Board Meeting
3 November, Hartwick Pines State Park
Contact:  Lisa Parker or Deb Huff at or 517-816-7879.
  2018 Dates (all times are eastern standard time unless otherwise posted or the web guy messed-up)
The Wildlife Society - Spring Meeting
15-16 March, Gaylord, TreeTops                                                                                       More to Come!
Contact:  Lori Sargent at or 517-284-6216
MSAF Spring Conference
12-13 April, Sault Sainte Marie                                                                                          More to Come!
Sustainable Forestry Conference
19 April, Florence (WI), Encore on Central
Contact:  Wendy Gehlhoff at or 715-528-3294
Michigan Forest Association Annual Meeting
14-15 September, Engadine, Hiawatha Sportsman's Club
Contact:  Deb Huff at or 517-816-7879
  MSAF Spring Conference
11-12 October, Grayling                                                                                                      More to Come!


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