The Michigan Society of American Foresters supports policies that encourage sustained investments in forest management and forest protection. Private
forestlands are a valuable, renewable resource. Proper management of these lands enhances air and water quality, soil health, recreational opportunities,
visual quality, wood product supply, and wildlife and fish habitat.

About 400,000 non-industrial private forest owners control more than half of Michigan's total forestland base, and their management decisions are often long
lasting and, occasionally, irreversible. Although there are numerous programs and natural resource professionals available to help improve the management of
these lands, these owners often know little about their forestlands, are not aware of forest management opportunities for multiple uses, and do not
understand forest products markets and marketing. Since less than 20 percent of forest landowners use professional forestry assistance, it is clear that
current programs reach few landowners.

Current programs providing assistance, education, or financial incentives are administered and represented by various public and private entities including:

Recommendation: The Michigan Society of American Foresters encourages the expansion of programs to help retain private forestlands and improve the management of these lands through:

To accomplish this, the above-mentioned organizations should agree on a set of principles and goals for NIPF programs and their respective roles and
responsibilities in implementing these agreements.

In implementing this recommendation, all programs should reflect these concepts: 

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A position adopted by the Executive Committee of the Michigan Society of American Foresters on March 20, 2002, and revised and renewed on January 29, 2007; it will expire after five years unless revised, extended, or withdrawn.

The Michigan Society of American Foresters is the scientific and educational association of professional foresters, including consultants, researchers, professors, students, and employees of
public agencies and private firms. The Mission of SAF is to advance the science, technology, education, and practice of professional forestry to benefit current and future generations.  


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